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The best way to help me become your next Governor is to tell others about me and what I want to do. Tell your family, friends, workers, and organizations you belong to, and do it now.  Tell them to go compare me with the other candidates and see who best represents their interests and values.  At least they can go to my web site and become a more informed voter.  I believe in the power of each and every individual’s voice. It's what creates a very large grassroots movement. 

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You can volunteer your time and help me and others within your own neighborhood and community.  Perhaps you’d be interested in spreading the word about me by knocking on doors, distributing flyers, putting up campaign yard signs, and just by plain meeting with others who you don’t know. Talk about me at your church, union and clubs and see whether they are interested in organizing a larger group of supporters to help me get known.  If you can organize a large enough group of supporters or undecided voters, let my campaign staff know and we will arrange that I hold a town hall meeting in your community for all of you to get to know me personally.

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You may be surprised at how much influence you have. You can help my campaign by sending letters and emails to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Tell them to look at my website, or even just tell them how you support me.  You can also write to and/or email churches, unions, organizations, senior centers and clubs, particularly those in your community, and/or that you belong to. Also write the state and local Republican Party to tell them that you support me and that you also want them too.  Ask those that you contact if they are interested in organizing a larger group of supporters to further spread my campaign platform. 

bulletarrow.gif (146 bytes)Editorials and Blogs

You can help my campaign by sending your local newspapers letters to the editor. Also you can send emails to any of the many blog sites on the Internet.  Many people read these letters to the editor and it could peak their curiosity. Write about an issue that concerns you and why you support me regarding this issue.  You can join a blog and tell others what I stand for, at least in relation to what the blog is about.  Blogs are very active so don’t be discouraged if you get someone that answers back in a rude way.  You can continue to be helpful by writing rebuttals and remember the competition might be the one that's writing that they don’t agree with you.

bulletarrow.gif (146 bytes)Contribute to John

Unfortunately campaigning for major elected offices has become a multi-million dollar business enterprise.  The news media are the largest benefactors of elections thanks to campaign advertising and campaign news.  Others that benefit from elections are those that manufacture and supply the campaign advertising mediums such as buttons, flyers, posters, newsletters, and yard signs.  Other forms of campaign advertising would include billboards, electronic signs, sides of buses, and bus benches.

I plan to keep my campaign overhead cost to a minimum.  My expenses will include my campaign headquarters along with other ancillaries to conduct a successful campaign.  There are costs involved in maintaining a loyal staff. A staff is needed to manage and process my campaign correspondences and activities.  My expenses will include contracting and subcontracting the manufacturing and printing of campaign products. I also have to package, mail, and deliver campaign material to voters in our state. 

It costs money to rent town halls for meetings, and in some places it’s required that I pay to provide security, attendants, technicians and a custodial staff if its a very large meeting.  Other expenses would include travel, lodging, and food for myself and my supporting staff.

I am not a wealthy person and rely on your donations to be elected Governor.  This does not mean that I owe anything to, or have an obligation to those that donate to my campaign.  I cannot, and will not be bought or be swayed by wealthy donors, or special interest groups.  Those that give to my campaign thinking that I can be bought for favorable influences later on should know this upfront from me now.

bulletarrow.gif (146 bytes)Cash Donations   

If you would like to support my campaign for Governor with a cash donation, I have provided you with two methods of donating.

1) One is through an electronic button on this page to my campaign PayPal account. Your donation can be withdrawn from your credit card, or if you are a PayPal subscriber (which is an easy thing to do,) through your bank account.  My name, John W. Aiken, Jr., will appear on your billing statement from your credit card provider or bank account.  Please make your donation out to John W. Aiken, Jr. Campaign Committee. For those that donate through any electronic method, I am obligated by law to ask you for the information asked on the form on the "donate" webpage and if that information is not provided I will be contacting you by email or by phone before I am allowed to use your donation for my campaign. 

2) You may copy the form on the "donate" webpage and along with it send your personal check, credit card, or money order to my campaign address given below. Please make your donation out to John W. Aiken, Jr. Campaign Committee. 

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